From the recording Better in the Dark

One stop. For licensing contact Shannon Linton 905-269-1520 /

16 bit/44.1 kHz

Length 04:15 / 170 BPM (in ¾ time) / Instrumentation - acoustic guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, strings

Mood - circus-pop, quirky and fun, light / Would fit in a playlist with Coin-Operated Boy by the Dresden Dolls

Written by Shannon Linton
Vocals by Shannon Linton
Instrumentals except violin by Adam Newcomb
Violin by Saskia Tomkins
Produced, mixed and mastered by Adam Newcomb


There’s a man outside
Looking sky-
Ward and I
Think he’s finally seen the stars
On the boulevard

Strangers belly up
Grab a cup
Raise it up
Celebrating what today
It’s kinda hard to say

The lights went out on Broadway
And things went sideways, but still

It’s better in the dark
Maybe there’s space for finding
More of who we are
Falling into darkness
Suddenly not minding
Shadows in the park

There’s magic on the sidewalk
Kindness at the crosswalk
the acoustic’s rather lovelier
Underneath the stars
It’s better in the dark

Little did we know
We’d feel so
When our evening plans were changed
Systems rearranged

The trick is in the waiting
For your eyes to adjust
There’s power for the taking
When the old ways self-combust